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  • Don't Hurt Yourself Gardening!
    Pull Your Weeds, Not Your Back, When GardeningAs springtime approaches, weather warms up and leaves turn green, many people will spend more time outside planting bulbs, mowing the lawn and Read more
  • How to Choose Your Athletic Shoes
    How to Select Athletic Shoes: Too many people choose fashion over function when purchasing athletic shoes, Read more
  • Heavy Purses Cause PAIN!
    Heavy purses are the pathway to pain! The purse of today has passed by the tasteful clutch of Audrey Hepburn, skipped past the utilitarian hand Read more
  • Woodbridge Laser Therapy for Back Pain
    The healing potential and mechanism of action of low level laser therapy: a brief overview Read more
  • Stretches for your desk job!
    Stay active at work!   It is very important to stay loose while sitting at your desk and it's very easy to become Read more
  • The Sign is Up!
    The Sign is Up! A special thank you to Mike Duncan of Lettercraft Signs for designing, creating, and installing th new 2 x 10 foot Read more
  • "CrossFit: A 100% Chance of Injury?"
    CrossFit : A 100% Chance of Injury? (source) by Anthony Dream Johnson I stated in the comments section of a recent barbell squat Read more
  • Lance: The Cyclist vs. The Man
    The Cyclist vs. The Man Lance Armstrong, founder and chairman of LIVESTRONG, made the following announcement today regarding his status as chairman of the cancer non-profit organizations board of Read more
  • Hunting Injuries & Safety
    Hunting Injuries & Safety The wait is over, and Read more
  • Raking Leaves
    Raking LeavesBefore you rev up the lawnmower or reach for your rake this fall, consider the possible consequences: upper or lower-back strain, neck strain Read more
  • Gua sha or "Graston" for Musculoskeletal Pain
    Below is an article from the Washington Post explaining a traditional chinese treatment called gua sha.  This treatment has been transformed into many different techniques including the common chiropractic Graston Read more
  • Too much in your child's backpack?
    Kids straining under heavy backpacks is all too common come back-to-school time. And Ontarios chiropractors warn that carrying a backpack thats too Read more
  • Barefoot Running?
    The topic Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Limits Basketball Injuries!
    Limiting Injuries in Basketball Clearly, a sport Read more
  • Neck and back pain from sitting at work?
    7 Ways to Stay Limber at Your Desk JobYou may be one of the millions of people who spend their Read more