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Hunting Injuries & Safety


Hunting Injuries & Safety

The wait is over, and hunting season is finally here.  Not all hunters are able to spot a nice 8 point from the luxury of their therapeutic hot tub session.  Most of us are hiking to the middle of nowhere to our favorite spot on the ground or in a tree.  

The majority of hunters are not the most athletic, in shape individuals.  Hiking through rough terrain to get to that hunting spot can be very difficult and tiresome for these people.  Poor health coupled with the frigid morning temperatures and no stretching creates a perfect combination for injury.  

 Hunters should get ready for the season long before it starts.  If you aren't a regular walker or hiker, start walking every night for 10 minutes or so.  Gradually increase your time each week.  This will allow you to be ready to scout the land before the season starts, and once it does there will be no issues.

Before venturing to your spot, stretch the legs, butt, and back muscles.  Simple stretches will greatly decrease your chances of injury. Also, marching in place or pacing back and forth to get the blood flowing in those cold temperatures will also help.  Just don't make too much noise!

Besides the obvious firearms safety, all hunters should follow these important guidelines.  Although we don't ever see musculoskeletal hunting injuries in the newspaper, they can be serious and they are far more common.

If you have any hiking injuries or want to brag and show off your pictures of that nice buck or bear, call your Woodbridge chiropractor, Dr. Nick Andolina, at Andolina Chiropractic & Rehab.

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